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iClever Hearing Protection

Did you know that 1 in 2 young people are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening habits? What's more, more than 1 in 8 children aged 6 to 19 already have hearing damage from exposure to loud noise. (World Health Organization)

Hearing loss cannot be reversed but can be prevented

Being around too much loud sound can make children lose their hearing — and once it's gone,they can't get it back.
That's why it's so important to start protecting your child's ears now,while they're young.

three Essential Tips for Protecting Your Hearing

Lower the volume

Limit the volume to 60% of the maximum and use properly fitting headphones.

Shield your ears from loud noises

Use earplugs in loud surroundings and distance yourself from loudspeakers.

Limit Noise Exposure

Take periodic breaks in calm zones when in noisy places. Restrict the daily usage of personal audio devices.

Safe Listening Levels: Guidelines for Protecting kids Hearing

  • < 80 dB: safest for eight hours of listening
  • 80 dB to 87.9 dB: moderately safe for a few hours of listening
  • 88.0 dB to 100 dB: use caution (total exposure for one hour or less)
  • 100+ dB: unsafe (use for 15 minutes or less)

iClever headphones are specifically designed for children to prevent hearing loss.

To address this challenge, iClever children's headphones are now equipped with hearing protection features designed to safeguard children's hearing, allowing them to enjoy entertainment while staying safe.

1ST generation

dB Limitation

This technology aims to restrict the headphone output volume to reach 85 decibels at each frequency point. Why choose 85 decibels? Because this is considered a relatively safe volume level that can reduce the risk of hearing damage while maintaining music quality.

2ST generation

dBA limitation (Laeq/pink noise)

This technology also aims to ensure that the headphone output volume stays within a safe range. The difference lies in using an A-weighted correction curve to calculate the average spectral intensity of the entire audio segment, resulting in 85 decibels A-weighted (Laeq/pink noise). This processing method takes into account the human ear's sensitivity to different frequency sounds, making it more in line with actual auditory perception.

3ST generation

Cochlear Resonance Pre-Attenuation

This technology targets sounds in the 2kHz-4kHz range that are prone to causing hearing damage, reducing the volume by 5-10 decibels to protect high-frequency hearing. This frequency range is sensitive for many people, and this technology effectively lowers the volume at these frequency points, ensuring users can still enjoy clear music even in high-frequency environments.


How is hearing protection technology embodied in headphones?

The iClever headphones are equipped with a decibel adjustment fuction that restricts the volume to a safe level using technology. Ensure that children cannot adjust the volume too high.

What is Decibel Adjustment Function?

The decibel adjustment function is a technology designed to limit headphone volume. Through smart circuits or software algorithms, headphones can monitor volume levels and adjust according to user preferences. When high volume is detected, the decibel adjustment function limits the volume, ensuring children are not exposed to potentially harmful high volumes for extended periods.

Why is Decibel Adjustment Function Important for Children?

Children's hearing is crucial for their learning and development. Prolonged exposure to high volumes can lead to hearing damage or even loss. The decibel adjustment function helps prevent this by protecting children's hearing health.

How to Use Decibel Adjustment Function?

Using the decibel adjustment function is straightforward. iClever kids' headphones are equipped with a dedicated button or switch that allows users to select the desired volume level, ensuring the volume level meets children's needs and age.(the operation method may vary for each headphone model, please refer to the user manual for specifics). Manuals download

How to Choose Headphones with Decibel Adjustment Function?

When selecting headphones for children, parents should pay attention to whether they have the decibel adjustment function. Ensure the chosen headphones are labeled with "Decibel Adjustment" or "Volume Limitation" and refer to the product manual for information on its functions and operation.