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The Ultimate Guide to Kids Headphones for the Back to School Season

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Headphones for the Back to School Season
Fold up those little swimsuits and pull out the new school supply list. School is almost in session.
Crossing everything off your school to-do list can be a stressful, nerve-wracking time. Today's guide lists the best kids headphones for school.  
As fall draws closer, your inbox floods with “back to school” flyers, promotions, and deals. Shopping for school supplies is easy,  but finding the best, high-quality headphones takes more work.
To fully immerse themselves in learning experiences, students use headphones. Like a portal to another galaxy, headphones are versatile learning tools.
Kids headphones are now a staple in most (we’d even say all) school districts.
First, let's cover the basics of headphones. Then move on to the essential features of kids headphones for school.
Headphone basics  
What do you love about your high-tech headphones? Some of us are sold on Apple AirPods, while others love the noise-canceling headphones from Sony or Bose that carry big boy energy.
Whatever your preference, there are basic features that all headphones need to pass your “good enough” benchmark. Here’s a brief highlight of the basic features all headphones should have.
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Sound quality
These are the “backbone” of high-quality headphones. This is the bare minimum headsets should meet to grace your household and ears.
As we all know, you should hold products made for kids to a higher standard. That means higher safety protocols and measures, extreme comfort, and more!
Below is our guide to the top features for the best kids headphones for school.
Features for the best kids headphones for school

Keeping ears safe and happy should be the number one priority of high-quality kids headphones. You should never second guess their protective features or worry they may damage ears and hearing.

This guide highlights more than just safety, though. We want you to feel confident and know that you’re buying your kiddos the best kids headphones this school year. Not having to worry about buyer's remorse is just a bonus.

Safety features and volume

As previously stated, students' hearing and ear safety is every parent’s number one priority when looking for the best kids headphones for school.

Whatever pair you choose, keep in mind that they’ll be using these headphones all year long! It’s comforting to know their headphones won’t cause hearing damage when you’re not around to monitor them.

Companies like iClever utilize new technologies to keep ears safe. Their dual Safe-Volume™ technology and volume limiter ensure kids listen to videos, music, and other audio at levels safe for little ears.

Volume limiter     

We won’t leave you guessing; what on earth is a volume limiter? Volume limiters, quite simply, set maximum volume levels and won’t let you raise the volume above that limit! Meaning even if your kid turns up the volume on their device, it won’t surpass the safe volume limit setting!

iClever headphones feature a three-degree volume limiter, with maximum levels of 74dB for toddlers, 85dB for kids, or 94dB for adults.

What does a volume limiter ensure? Parents can feel comfortable and confident in their choice of headphones while knowing iClever headphones are safe for small ears.

Comfort and size

Picture this. Your kiddo is sitting in class, dutifully watching a video on their school iPad. They keep rubbing their ears because they had to borrow the standard, black, school-issued headphones that pinch ears and have no volume limiter. Isn't it uncomfortable? It is!

Compare this to headphones made specifically for children. Purchasing headphones with a soft headband allows students to cut out discomfort that the school-issued, hard plastic headphones cause. Pillowy soft ear cushions go a long way. They reduce pain or discomfort caused during prolonged use and offer maximal enjoyment.

iClever headphone features for comfort: All headphones are built with cushy, soft ear cushions made from memory protein. Instead of the hard plastic that digs into scalps, the brand created a soft, bendable, adjustable headband that grows with kids. The headband is twistable, adjustable, expandable, and made with food-grade materials. The expandable headband means you don’t have to toss them out when your student has a growth spurt!

Kids grow an average of 2.5 inches per year! Headphones that are comfortable and can grow with them will last longer, which means fewer shopping trips for you!  

Wireless vs. Wired

Most students thrive with the use of wired headphones in the classroom. But, if your school district uses high-tech equipment or wireless headphones work better for your child, there are incredible options.

Wired headphones have cool features like tangle-free cords, a 3.5mm jack, and built-in microphones. Parents and teachers often find wired headphones are the easiest to use because kids can plug them into devices on their own, and they’re all set!

Wireless headphones are a hands-free option that allows kids freedom to roam. These headphones connect to devices with Bluetooth.

Sound quality

Sound quality matters! Giving kids headphones with crystal clear sound will enrich their listening experience at school, in the car, or even at home.

How do you know if your headphones provide a safe, crisp sound? Do a quick check on the headset’s technical specifications. For example, iClever headphones utilize 40mm dynamic drivers to deliver superior sound.


We’ve all witnessed someone strolling around with typical black and white headphones that lack the personality, pizzazz, or charm they want to express. This is why so many kids headphones for school come with customizable color options.

Customization options allow children to comfortably express themselves and feel at home in their unique personalities and style. Choosing a brand with customizable colors and options means kids can feel free to be themselves and get exactly what they want.

Companies like iClever love helping your guys and gals show the world who they are!

The best kids headphones for school: iClever Educational Headphones

iClever makes the safest and best kids headphones. With unique safety features, this brand makes headphones that keep ears healthy and happy.

These are exactly what you think—headphones made exclusively for kids to use in virtual or in-person classes. With features built for education, there’s no second-guessing if they are “good enough” for young learners.  

Made for school features

Here is the list of the top features of iClever’s Educational Headphones.

Safe Volume Limit

As you know, preventing hearing loss is the primary concern with headphones for kids. With a built-in volume limiter, your children can’t listen to audio at unsafe levels. The volume limiter has settings for max listening at 74dB, 85dB, or 94dB. This means they’ll never be able to listen over 94dB, keeping their ears safe and preventing hearing loss.

Extendable Microphone

The Educational Headphones come locked and loaded with a 360° rotatable microphone. With this powerful microphone, your kid will be easy to hear. The microphone allows them to participate in virtual classes, games, or even chitchat with friends.

The retractable design is most kids’ favorite part. They can tuck away the microphone when they want to use it like a standard headset.

Comfortable Fit

Keeping noggins comfy and cozy is a priority of kids headphones for school. With an adjustable headband, the headphones grow with students from elementary school all the way to higher education. Squishy, soft earmuffs and a lightweight design make them easy to wear with all-day comfort.

Durable & Foldable

Kids need products that can withstand a little wear and tear. Premium nylon cords can weather heavy use and won’t get tangled up in knots. They’re made to last and are the perfect headset to fold and pack on your next adventure. The high-quality headset comes with a flexible headband that can endure bumpy rides in backpacks and long trips.  

Wide Compatibility

Compatibility with an extensive range of devices means your child doesn’t have to worry about connectivity. The headphones connect easily with devices like Tablets, Chromebooks, iPads, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, desktop computers, and other devices using the 3.5mm jack.

The best kids headphones for school

You’ll love the iClever Educational Headphones. With their wide range of made-for-school features, your child will be smitten with the versatility and charm they bring to the classroom.

Frequently asked questions

At what age can children wear headphones?  

We hate to be the bearer of bad news. There’s no “right” time to introduce headphones to your child's routine. The age children can wear headphones is entirely up to you! Children may need to use headphones if they’re often in the car, on planes, or in other spaces. Opt for kid-friendly, safe headphones. We recommend using headphones with a volume limiter set at 74 decibels for small ears and to prevent hearing damage.

Why do kids need headphones for school?

School districts and teachers add new technologies to their classrooms every year. Undoubtedly, students will listen to and watch audio and videos in the classroom. Headphones make it easy for students to stay focused and engaged in new learning materials without outside distractions.